The Rideau River Residence Association, or RRRA (pronounced raw) for short, is the oldest and largest residence association in Canada. RRRA was founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1976. All undergraduate students living in residence at Carleton University are members of RRRA and their membership fee is included in their Residence fees.



Residence living at Carleton University is a tradition that began when Lanark and Renfrew houses opened their doors in 1963. Since that time the residence population at Carleton has soared from only 300 residents to approximately 3500, with the opening of the Frontenac residence in 2008 and Lennox and Addington in 2011-2012. The University has plans to build 7 new buildings in the long term growing Carleton’s residence population even bigger!  As residence life at Carleton continues to grow, so has the students’ association that represents those who live, learn and work on the University’s grounds.


Organizational Structure

The Rideau River Residence Association structurally consists of an executive council and Board of Directors (President, Vice-President Administration, and Vice-President Programming), and a Council. The Residence Council is the association’s legislative body and consists of the Executive and one representative from each of the 50 floors in residence (called a “Floor Representative”). Council enacts policy and provides an avenue for Floor Representatives and students at large to become more involved in the formulation of policy and gives all students a chance to participate in the planning of their community.General elections are held in February and the President, Vice-president and Vice President Programming run as a “ticket” (team) and are elected for the following year. Floor Representatives are elected in February as well, but by-elections are held in September for all those floors who did not elect a Floor Rep. in February. Every undergraduate resident is eligible to run for a RRRA position.



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