Racists Vote. Sexists Vote. RRRA Launches Provocative Ad Campaign

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Racists Vote. Sexists Vote. RRRA Launches Provocative Ad Campaign


September 10th, 2015 (Ottawa, ON) – The Rideau River Residence Association (RRRA) launched a provocative new ad campaign to encourage students to vote.

Featuring posters with the slogans `Racist vote“, “Sexists Vote“, “Bullies Vote & `Homophobes Vote“ The association is engaging students during the federal election campaign. “Drown them out on October 19“ The posters go on to say, finishing with “Get Your Vote On“

Digital material for the campaign is available

“We wanted to engage with not only residence students but the overall Carleton community through a thoughtful, provocative campaign“ Said Graham Pedregosa president of RRRA “ We partnered with Key Gordon Communications a well known ad-firm who has done work with Richard Branson to create Get Your Vote On.“

The Fair Elections Act that prohibits Elections Canada from advertising outside of strict parameters. While in the past Elections Canada was able to, and ran, campaigns encouraging young Canadians to vote there will be no such campaign this election. Accordingly, RRRA has stepped up with an edgy campaign that is sure to make people look twice.

“A lot of students are turned off by politics. How could you not be? University is where students explore big ideas, important ideas, in thoughtful meaningful ways—but today’s political discourse is anything but. So how are we going to persuade young people it’s worth the bother to get engaged? Instead of moralizing about how it’s one’s civic duty to vote (gag), or patronizing students by telling them how important issue A or issue B is (gag), we thought it might be interesting to turn the spotlight on some of the people who already vote. ‘I’m just one vote’ is a refrain we hear a lot. But what if we told students their one vote cancelled out the vote of a racist, a homophobe, or a misogynist? Would it be worth the bother then? It’s an interesting idea. We’ve worked closely with RRRA on this, and one thing they made very clear was that they have the guts to try something new. No other approach has worked in Canada, so why not come at the problem from a different angle? Early reaction has been very positive.”  —Grant Gordon, Creative Director, Key Gordon Communications.

RRRA has taken concrete steps on behalf of students at Carleton University. In addition to the ad campaign, it will host an all-candidates debate for Ottawa Centre on September 23rd and has offered Election Canada use of association space. Elections Canada has expressed a desire to open an office on Carleton University campus – RRRA considers this absolutely crucial. Two offices have been allocated for the University of Ottawa.
These new on-campus Elections Canada offices will enable students to vote at home, or in Ottawa, easily and conveniently.
“Young people have the lowest voter turnout,” said Cameron Bradshaw, Vice President Administration. “It is important to inform all Carleton University students that your voice does matter in this election – and that if you don’t vote, others will.”
“We’re looking to start conversations about voting – I have no doubt this campaign will accomplish that,” finished Arpita Dar, Vice President Programming.


About the Rideau River Residence Association
The Rideau River Residence Association (RRRA) is the oldest and largest university residence association in Canada. It represents the over 3,500 students who live at Carleton University.
About Key Gordon Communications
Key Gordon Communications is a well known recognized creative ad firm based out of Toronto whose work includes the FLICK OFF campaign for ROOTS Canada & Virgin Mobile.
RRRA Executives are available to discuss the ad campaign & the Federal Election Campaign and how students are responding.  Contact:

Graham Pedregosa, President
Cell : 613-612-9425

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