RRRA Council Unanimously Approves Referendum Question

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OTTAWA, March 4th, 2015 –The Rideau River Residence Association (RRRA) Council unanimously approved a referendum to commence March 16th, 2015. The question to be asked to residence students is: “Due to the loss of cigarettes sales as a result of provincial legislation, do you agree that the Rideau River Residence Association levy be tied to Canadian inflation and increased one time by $5.00 as of 2015-2016?”

Since the 1999-2000 academic year (15 years ago) the RRRA levy has been frozen at $60.00.

“Unfortunately RRRA is being negatively impacted by the Ontario government’s decision to ban the sale of tobacco on campus”, said William Verschuren, president of RRRA. “The loss of cigarette sales and corresponding reduction in foot traffic at Abstentions comes with a financial cost”.

“We made it clear to MPP Yasir Naqvi that the government’s decision would result in either cuts or a fee hike. Though we requested transitional funding from the government it is clear that there is none forthcoming. Council unanimously passed this referendum question and now it is time for residence students to decide if they wish to place the association on sound financial footing. The RRRA levy has not increased in over 15 years but costs have increased and revenue tools for RRRA have decreased or been eliminated entirely. For example, RRRA used to collect revenue from the rental of fridges – that was taken over by the administration in previous years and RRRA no longer collects that income,” finished Verschuren.

On November 2014 the Provincial Government announced a ban of all tobacco sales on University Campuses as of January 1st, 2015. There was no consultation with student associations or advance warning given.

RRRA has achieved a significant number of accomplishments this year including the elimination of room phone fees.

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William Verschuren
President/Chief Financial Officer

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